I admit, the best part about being an engagement and wedding photographer is all the wonderful people I get to welcome into my life. A few months ago I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with Christina and Darrel, two beautiful gems that were such a delight to be around.

Originally, I found these babes after Christina had put up an “in search of” post online. The response she and Darrel received from photographers was nothing short of amazing, and coincidentally, overwhelming. In an act of pure dedication, they went through every single portfolio that was slung at them, in detail!

For our initial “get to know each other” meeting, we hung out at Foamer’s Folly, which is, coincidentally, one of my favourite local breweries! After all, who doesn’t enjoy some tasty suds at a trendy brewery, especially THIS engagement photographer!? We had a great time hanging out, and it was clear that we all vibed well together. That being said, I’m never one to “get my hopes up”. So although I was incredibly excited at the potential of being their engagement and wedding photographer, I patiently waited for them to get back to me.

They chose ME to be their engagement and wedding photographer!

In light of such a tremendous response I teared up when they messaged to let me know they chose ME. I felt honoured, and I didn’t stop smiling for days. To put it differently, MY CHEEKS HURT from smiling.

For their engagement session, they specifically requested west coast rainforest photography. Let me tell you, I was happy to oblige! We explored some local mountains, and they took me to a lovely trail that is quite important to both of them – the trail he proposed to her on. It was intimate and sentimental, and I am ALL about those two things.

The trail was stunning! Firstly, the paths were full of massive trees and so much growth! Secondly, it was a rainy day, which created the most beautiful misty fog! Thirdly, the rays of light snaking their way through the clouds was absolutely glorious. In conclusion, give me ALL the misty mountain engagement photoshoots!

Couple holding hands walking in the rain forest.
Engagement session.  Couple holding hands and smiling at each other in the forest.
Engagement session.  Woman kissing man with a rain forest canopy.
Engagement session, close up of woman and man's face.
Woman and man looking up at camera, engagement photography.
Woman and man looking at each other with rain forest towering above them.
Engagement photography, standing in a misty rainforest, holding each other.
Engagement photos at Yellow Dog Brewing, beer glass and wine glass on a table.
Engagement photography, holding hands while having some drinks.
Engagement session.  Looking through the window at a couple drinking beers.
A couple laughing over drinks.
A couple kissing at a brewery table.
Cheersing to a great engagement session!