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My people, 2020 was a hell of a year. 2021 is not shaping up to be much better.

The last few months have been wearing me thin. My heart is heavy. And goddammit, I want to hug people again, roadtrip to see my family, and drink wine with my in-laws! But I want those loved ones to remain healthy and safe. I want to do my part to limit the chaos this pandemic is causing.

The Covid-19 silver lining is that my fam has been spending far more quality time together. We’ve implemented a 24 hour period on the weekend that is completely device free. Saturday nights are family movie nights (this past weekend we did a slider buffet, and it was glorious), and Sunday’s are family days – we go hiking, or get ice cream, or have board game tournaments (I highly recommend Throw Throw Burrito!).

In an effort to ease the boredom in our home, I took my two younger kiddos on a local mini-adventure to scout out a new shooting location. It was hella rad! There’s something pretty amazing about hiking around under a giant bridge that seems larger than the world!

Stay safe out there friends. Hug your bubble family. Wash your hands. Stay hydrated. And for the love of god, WEAR A MASK.