What do I stand for?

Love. Simplicity. Honesty.

My philosophy is pretty damn simple: don’t be an asshole.

I believe in, and encourage, love. Simplicity. Honesty. Morally strong people are my kind of souls. People who aren’t afraid to be real. People who are comfortable with who they are.

In my photography I aim to capture connection. Truth. Emotion. Realness. I don’t do heavy editing with body modifications. I want you to love YOU. I want you to fall in love with everything you are.

A few of the things I love capturing: curves. Laugh lines. Scrunched up noses. Hand holding. Cuddles. Loving embraces. Face holding. Caresses. That gut-busting laughter when your partner whispers something dirty in your ear. That look of disgust when your partner farts. The chaos, love, laughter, and imperfections of your life and relationships.

THOSE are the moments I’m going after.