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Family photography sessions in the perfect golden hour light are pretty much the best thing ever.

I like to plan my family photography sessions outdoors and as close to golden hour as often as possible.  The lighting is perfect, and being outdoors is perfect for the kiddos!  They have that freedom to run around and be carefree, and I have the freedom to move like a ninja and capture some awesome candids of your crew.

Want to hear a few quick tips for a successful family session with me?  All super easy to achieve, I promise!

  • clothing.  Do not be too “match-y-match-y”.  I can’t stress this enough.  Coordinate, but do not match!  I have Pinterest mood boards put together for you to help pick colours and styles – utilize them!  You don’t have to go on a shopping trip for perfect clothes – you can put together seamless outfits from what you already have.  Neutrals, solids, fun (but minimalistic) prints are all amazing options.  My personal favourite colours to photograph are muted neutrals and warm solids (like this engagement session).  No matter what, avoid lines and anything with text.
  • try not to worry about kids attitudes.  Generally they take a little bit to warm up to a camera, but once they realize it’s not a big deal the laughter is non-stop.  Trust me.  I have four kids of my own, and I know exactly what it’s like, fam.  Kids are HARD, and we get stressed trying to get them to act right – but let that go.  Just have fun and let me take over.
  • bring snacks!  Even for older kids!  We all know they can get hangry.
  • bring favourite toys for the littles.  Nothing big or fancy – but a favourite stuffy or truck – whatever helps them!  It’s fun to incorporate into Candid photos, and I can get them chatting and smiling about their favourite item.
  • bubbles are ALWAYS a fun addition.
  • let me know your favourite tunes (and the kids too!) and we can set up a little dance party to get the juices flowing.

These sessions are meant to be fun, low-stress, with an emphasis on connection and interaction.  Let’s get to it!