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Mimi and Gareth.  My first wedding of the 2019 season.

You know you’ve done your job successfully when you become Facebook friends with the people you work with.  M+G will always be a coupla babes, and I’m so lucky I get to call them friends.

From the moment I first met them I knew it was going to be something rad.  They are so fun-loving.  Always smiling.  So kind and generous!  I took them on an adventure session for their engagement shoot, and afterwards they treated me to dinner and brews in Gastown.  To say I was hella stoked to shoot their wedding would be an understatement.  I was SO over-the-top excited, I could have peed my pants.

The incredible love surrounding them on their epic day was of momentous proportions.  Hugs and kisses were flying everywhere.  Laughter permeated the air.  There was an unending sea of smiles.  My cheeks hurt at the end of the day from smiling and laughing so much.

Also, the food they served had me beside myself.  IT WAS SO GOOD.

These two are incredibly genuine human souls, and their low-key day was absolutely perfect.