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I grew up in Manitoba.  It was as cold as a witches tit in the winter.  I DO NOT MISS IT – nobody should live where the air hurts their face.  So, while I think the snow is super beautiful, and snowboarding is kind of okay (provided you don’t crash and burn because you missed everything your instructor attempted to teach you because you’re 12, and he’s hot), and winter has some high points – minus thirty degrees celsius is NOT ONE.

All of that being said – I do like snow (west coast snow) in small batches.  I’m SO freaking happy Sam and Brian demanded snow for their engagement sesh.  We had a BLAST hiking around the mountains and capturing some epic moments!  The sun was out, the snow was beautiful, and most importantly – I could feel my face.  Oh, and they brought their best boy – a gorgeous Belgian Shepherd floof who obviously, I couldn’t stop cuddling.